畢業生租借畢業禮服時常見問題  FAQ

1. 如何查詢相關資料 

    Where can gradurates find out more details?

​         Check for your university or institute issued letter or notice.

         Call Victoria Uniform hotline at 3118 4396 / 3105 5009.

         Email Victoria Uniform at info@victoriauniform.com.


2.  畢業生已輸入代碼,仍然不能進入租袍登記頁面,該如何? 

     Why gradurates entered school code, but it does't bring in?

         Please double check the university/institute letter if the code is correct.

​         Each student number can only register once.

​         3118 4396 / 3105 5009

​         If problem still occur, please call our hotline 3118 4396 / 3105 5009 for

         further instruction.

​         All school code only available within the rental period.


​         School code is provided by the university/institute, please contact the related

         school for the code.


3. 畢業生如何得知畢業學系是什麼? 

   How do graduates know which major they are?

​         Check for your university or institute issued letter or notice.


         Contact your university or institute to clarify.

         香港理工大學電話POLY U Hotline: 2766 5151 / 2766 5155

​         Victoria Uniform do not have any information on this matter.


4.  網上租袍登記內為何需要設定密碼,此密碼的用途是什麼?是否本人電郵的密碼?

    Online gown registeration required to set password, what is it for?

​         Graduate can set their own password, do not have to related to the email


​         The password is for gradurate to re-print the gown rental form later.


5. 如何量度畢業袍及帽的尺寸?

   How do graduates know what size of the gown and mortarboard they need?

​         http://www.victoriauniform.com/?route=checkout/vreg 

         Please check out our website Gown & Mortarboard Size Chart for Reference

​         Graduates can try out the size in the outlet.

​         All rented items are not allow to change size after confirm rental in the outlet.


6.  畢業生如何確定已完成網上租袍登記

    How graduates know the online registration procedure is done?

​         Print out the two copies of the gown rental form to complete the procedure.

​         There will be an email send to the registered email account.


​         Graduates only need to bring the two copies of gown rental form with cash to the

         outlet for rental,  no email have to be shown.


7.  畢業生列印租袍及按金表後,發現遺失了或忘記列印表格,該如何? 

      What if graduate lost or forgot to print out the gown rental form?

​         http://www.victoriauniform.com/?route=account/login  

​         重新進行登錄及列印租袍及按金表便可。

​         Please re-login with the registered email and password at 

        http://www.victoriauniform.com/?route=account/login ,

         you may re-login and print the gown rental form.


8. 畢業生到店租袍時才發現忘記携帶列印租袍及按金表,該如何

     What if graduate forgot to bring the online gown rental form to the outlet?

​         There will be blank online gown rental form available at the outlet, gradurate

         who forgot to bring their print out copies will have to hand fill the forms again.

​         Please bring the university/institue letter to show graduate idenity which qualify

         to use the gradurate terms.

​         Do not have to contact us for this matter.


9. 如何可以查詢維多利校服公司分店的地址營業時間租袍條款

    How do graduate check for the address, business hours and terms & condition for


         The details are available at http://www.victoriauniform.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=8


10. 租金及按金可以繳付信用卡或易辦事 (EPS)

      Do Victoria Uniform accept credit card or EPS for rental fee or deposit?


11. 如果畢業生未能親身到店取袍,可以找別人代領嗎

      If graduates are not available, is it possible to have someone else to pick up for


​         金到已登記之店舖租借便可。

​         Yes, but the pick up person must bring in two copies of the online gown rental form

         and any related university/insitue document with cash to the selected outlet.


​         All university/institue has a different condition, please bring along any related

        university/ insitute document together for gown pick up.


​         Victoria Uniform do not accept size exchange after pick up, so if the pick up

         person rented the items, all items are not allow to exchange afterwards.


12. 分店店員會教畢業生穿著畢業禮服嗎?

       Will Victoria Uniform Staff teach graduates how to wear the academic regalia?



      No, graduates have to contact your university or institute for more details or

      check in the  below university website for details.

​         http://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/cong/

​         https://congregation.cityu.edu.hk/get-academic-dress

​         https://www.polyu.edu.hk/as/web/en/for-graduates/congregation-arrangements/24th-congregation/index.html

       *    理工大學 - 香港專上學院





13. 畢業生可以自行更改還袍地點嗎?

      Can graduates select their own return outlet?

​         No, as the deposit and gown rental form signed copies with details only exist in that